Mulhouse Diagonales (EN)

Mulhouse Diagonales: reconnecting water and nature with the city

Several waterways run through the city of Mulhouse like diagonal stripes, some of them have been covered during the 19th century. The project Mulhouse Diagonales intends to restore the place of nature and water by redesigning 10 km of the banks and allow access to the shores. This ecological continuity will result in a better quality of life for the citizens and a better protection of the natural resources for the benefit of the local biodiversity

In order to share this space with all forms of life, please:

  • stay on the walking paths
  • respect the plantations
  • keep dogs on the leash
  • put waste into the appropriate bins
  • do not light fire
  • do not swim
  • do not fish

Promenade of the river Doller (Promenade de la Doller) is a re-natured 10 ha area that was designed to replace former abandoned allotment gardens. It includes wetland that benefits the local biodiversity with spawning grounds for pikes, flood meadows, toad pools, dragonflies and other insects, hedges and groves, dry grassland, etc. A dense forest, levelled and diversified has been planted in 2021 on 8 000 m², using the method of the Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki: 3 plants per m², 24 000 trees altogether; 40 local species are growing here to create a major carbon storage site and building a natural protection from traffic. Nature settles again on the doorsteps of the city!

The terraces of the museum (Terrasses du musée) are located in the vicinity of the automobile museum. Three hectares of a former industrial site have been converted into a new natural park including:

  • a broadened shore and a pebble beach where it is possible to walk in the water,
  •  several points of views on the river,
  • enhanced biodiversity thanks to natural river bed restoration,
  • a secured site built on different levels, allowing some storage for flood protection in case of heavy rain.

The Park of the banks of the river Ill (Parc des berges de l’Ill) offers walks, recreational areas, a big playground in the shadow, all this in the close vicinity of the city centre of Mulhouse, between the area with the sports facilities and the Rhine-Rhône canal.

The Steinbaechlein (Steinbaechlein), in the heart of the historical DMC-site, has been uncovered to create a new recreational area with walking paths in a cool surrounding.